Her music transcends cultural boundaries and resonates deeply with audiences.
 --Catherine MacLellan

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photo by: weiqi Tang

Before a note is even played you can tell you are in for something special with Tiffany Liu. Her musical prowess aside, she is a light in this world ” - Alicia Toner



Originally from China, Tiffany Liu is an accomplished Pipa player with over two decades of dedicated practice and performance experience. She specializes in the Pipa, a traditional Chinese musical instrument. In 2010, Tiffany was admitted to Shenyang Normal University's Ethnic Instrument Performance program with the highest score in Hebei Province, marking the start of her impressive musical journey.

Tiffany has earned notable achievements, including winning first place in the professional category at the Northeast Three Provinces Traditional Instrument Invitational Competition in 2013. In 2014, she hosted her debut solo concert, captivating audiences with her virtuosity. Additionally, in the same year, Tiffany was invited to serve as the sole Pipa accompanist for the large-scale mythical Peking Opera "Chang'e Flies to the Moon" at the National Centre for the Performing Arts in China, showcasing her exceptional talent in the traditional Chinese music sphere.

Tiffany's passion for the Pipa led her to Canada in 2016, where she introduced this ancient instrument to diverse audiences on Prince Edward Island. She has graced prestigious events, such as the Illumination Festival of CanadaGames 2023, Island Drive-In Festival, PEI's official Canada Day 2020 video, and the 4th annual fundraiser of Celebration for Island Women. Recognized for her musical contributions, Tiffany received the PEI Provincial Arts Grant in 2022, enabling her to create her debut album, Riding the Waves.

In November 2023, Tiffany received a nomination for the 'Achievement of World Music' at the MusicPEI Awards, highlighting her significant contributions to the global music scene. Notably, in 2023, she expanded her repertoire to include Celtic and Irish music, receiving acclaim and further connecting with the local Canadian community.

In January 2024, Tiffany received a nomination for the East Coast Music Award (ECMA) in the category of "Global Recording of the Year," further solidifying her status as a respected musician with international recognition.

Tiffany Liu embodies the essence of a global musician, bridging cultures through her artistry. With an open heart and an unwavering spirit of exploration, she aims to share the beauty of the Pipa and Asian music culture with a global audience, fostering cultural exchanges and transcending boundaries through her music.

Notable Performances:

--2018-2023 DiverseCity Festival performances

--2019 4th Annual Fundraiser of Celebration for Island Women - June 2019

--2020 Island Drive-In Festival - June 2020

--2020 PEI's Official Canada Day 2020 Video - July 2020

--2022-2023 RiverClyde Pageant Performances 

--2023 Illumination Festival of Canada Games - February 2023